Richard Chan

Managing Partner

Jacky Chan

Managing Partner

Jessie Du

Vice President

Dylan Chiu


Addy Fu

Project Manager and

Senior Analyst

Designer in Residence
Vanessa Lui

Graphic Designer

Entrepreneur in Residence
Shom Gupta

Ironfire Fellow

Jeremy Hammer

Ironfire Fellow

Hannes Holste

Ironfire Fellow

Jaimie Hsu

Ironfire Fellow

Thomas Jacobson

Ironfire Fellow

Andrew Tan

Ironfire Fellow

Jeff Oldenburg

Ironfire Fellow

Venture Partners
Jimmy Chan
Simon Chan
Tian Xiao Cheng
Howie Huang
Ritik Malhotra
Zach Math
Francis Ng
Reed Shaffner
Jason Wang
Eric Wright
Hong Jiang Zhang

Former CEO, Kingsoft

David Karnstedt

CEO, Quantifind

Lawrence Yu

Chairman, SBI Development Co Ltd

Chun Hong Wong
Chairman, Executive Director and Co-Chief Executive Officer of Top Spring International
Kenneth D. Wong

Senior Managing Director- Chief Financial Officer, DivcoWest

Wing Ching Shih

Chairman, Centaline Group

Yong Rui
CTO, Lenovo